In this podcast episode, Mark & Paul and Doug review all our activities in April 2021 while highlighting resources available to you.  We highlight our RoadMap with your Path to Wellness.  We highlight each of the 12 steps on your health journey and provide references to podcast episodes, tips, tools, strategies, worksheets and blog posts.  These resources are available to help you gain clarity and forward momentum on your path to wellness.  
Resources that are available to you:
visit: - for quick downloads and copies of resources
visit: - for access to our Facebook community, geared at helping people with a chronic medical condition 
visit: - to be part of our community and ask us questions by secure text messaging
visit: for all of our latest episodes

We hope this episode provides you value and access to the resources that will contribute to your path to wellness.  If you have a topic that you would like covered in a future podcast episode, please send us a text message to 705-805-8264

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